I am an attorney and an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law. When I needed to hire an attorney for my divorce, I asked my friends for recommendations. All of my divorced friends recommended Mah Wei Law and I quickly learned that they are regarded as the best family law firm in Marin County. Tina Wei was my attorney for almost a year. She patiently and thoroughly explaining all aspects of the divorce process. Tina is also extremely easy to work with. She always clearly addressed my questions and concerns. At my Bench Bar Settlement Conference, Tina provided calculations and legal arguments for preserving more of my assets than I expected. While divorce is never pleasant, Tina Wei’s legal representation has been exceptional. I give her my highest recommendation.

— P.T.

Divorce is physically and emotionally stressful. It is the long drawn out death of a relationship with once the love of your life, often complicated with children. The process requires detailed unraveling of your assets, often with a multitude of additional documentation demands by your spouse’s legal team. If you are fortunate enough to retain the services of Sharon, her assistant Leanne Greentree, and the rest of the Mah Wei Law team you can rest assured that you will have an extremely thorough, detailed defense, in preparation and in the courtroom. And the stress will be immensely alleviated by that knowledge.

— C.C.

Sharon Mah was my attorney throughout an extremely difficult divorce process. At every step she treated me as a valued human being, with personal, specific, and in my case, challenging circumstances. Sharon has the expertise and experience to strategize miles ahead. She thoroughly educated me, making me an empowered partner in my case. My gratitude and faith in her and in her team is deep beyond measure.

— I.Z.

I was referred to Sharon by a trusted friend during one of the most vulnerable times of my life - my divorce. Sharon exceeded my expectations by her ability to connect, support and give me hope. Taking a holistic approach, she really listened to me and sought to understand my situation, changing my outlook from solely a numbers perspective to giving me a sense of “I’ve got this and you’re going to be ok”! Sharon and her team are really stars: always warm and welcoming, easy to work with, and amazingly thorough!

— J.E.

I originally worked with Sharon Mah and was really impressed with her expertise and her support. Sharon is one of the most well-respected family law attorneys in Marin. She will fight for you and your children with a passion that is unsurpassed.

I started working with Alex Wei a few years after my divorce was final and I needed help on child support matters. Alex has a similar passion for fighting for what his clients deserve as Sharon does. Alex has always made himself available and shows compassion and support throughout the process. He does his research and provides a clear direction as to which steps need to be completed in order to get the end result you want. I have highly recommended Alex to many friends and acquaintances and they all had positive things to say about their experience with him.

I have really enjoyed working with both Sharon and Alex. They really make stressful situations less difficult with the support and guidance they give - they are the dream team!

— S.R.

I retained Alex Wei to represent me after finding that my former attorney, although older and more seasoned, could not adequately handle the intensity and complexity of my contentious divorce/custody case. Alex turned my case — therefore my life — around by ensuring that the legal process was focused on protecting the best interests of my child. My legal journey with Alex included court hearings, a financial settlement conference, a supervised property review and more, all of which were challenging yet handled with the utmost professionalism, strategy, skill and sensitivity. Alex possesses the keen intelligence, critical thinking and attention to detail that makes a top attorney, along with unparalleled honesty, integrity, compassion and a tenacious commitment to his clients. Needless to say, there aren't enough words to express my great respect for, trust in, and deep gratitude to Alex.

— Robin R.

I highly recommend Alex Wei and Tina Wei. Divorce is an emotionally charged and complex experience that can have a significant impact on your life. Tina and Alex were invaluable allies and advisors during my long, complicated and unpleasant divorce. They offered clear, direct and accurate advice delivered with professional, thoughtful and empathic care.

— Robin A.

When my wife filed for divorce I was devastated. My best friend, who is a lawyer, researched family lawyers for me and came up with two names—one was already my wife’s attorney and the other was Sharon Mah. I worked closely with Sharon and Tina. From day one, I felt like my best interests were always considered. They worked tirelessly on my behalf and genuinely cared about me and my children. They always went the extra mile and were a great source of comfort to me. They had my back during the most difficult period of my life.

— J.C.

Sharon Mah and her team are a group of fantastic professionals to have in your corner.  

I unfortunately went through divorce, and Sharon’s advice and sage wisdom was relevant and on track.  With a no-nonsense, straightforward, and honest approach, she helped me see through my own emotions and work towards the best scenario for myself and my children.  In the end, my divorce was settled quickly, successfully, and with ease.  She ensured that my relationship with my ex would be amicable as we are continuing to raise children together.  

— A.K.

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